When fiction tells the story of Morocco

Maroccan pavillon at Tour&Taxi la Foire du livre

On the Moroccan pavilion at the Brussels Book Fair, under the theme “Le Maroc se livre”, the Mahmoud Darwish Chair is a partner in a literary meeting with the novelists Mohamed Berrada, Youssef Fadel and Yassin Adnan.
They will present three new French translations of novels that retrace the history of contemporary Morocco.

Loin du vacarme, Mohamed Berrada : a depiction of post-independence Morocco and its changes ;

N’appelle pas, il n’y a personne, Youssef Fadel where he concludes his trilogy devoted to the reign of Hassan II ;

and Hot Maroc, Yassin Adnan that questions the political transition after the death of Hassan II in 1999 and the accession of Mohamed VI.


In partnership with la Foire du livre