In this debate, we share the stories told by the mothers of the Harragas, the young North Africans who burn their papers to head north across the Mediterranean. They are women who show courage in the face of their sons’ determination to risk their lives to leave, resilience in lamenting the loss of those who depart in search of a more dignified future across the sea, far from home.
How then can they console themselves for those who have died in the Mediterranean, and for those who still want to risk their lives crossing the sea to reach a Europe that doesn’t want them?

Guests : Mary Jimenez and Bénédicte Liénard (Filmmakers/Brussels), Mohamed Haddad (Journalist/Tunis) (other guests to be confirmed).

Debate organised with the support of Cinéma Galeries.

Belongs to Agora – Fox In The City : Urban Condition Talks
Co-production: Mahmoud Darwish Chair