Writing as a way of resistance

Colloque sur la littérature arabe contemporaine

Arab writers have often been at the forefront of the critical eye placed by their society on its political and religious representatives, sometimes being exposed to censure, or prosecution, imprisonment or exile. This conference presented a few Arab writers who, through fiction or poetry, contested authority in all its forms.



Kadhim Jihad Hassan (INALCO, Paris): Mediaeval Arab poets in Darwich’s poetry

Kadhim Jihad Hassan elaborates on the relationship between Mahmoud Darwich and classical Arab poetry which shapes all his poetry and forms an essential aspect of it.

Text of Kadhim Jihad Hassan’s speech


Miloud Gharrafi (Université Rennes 2) The migration narrative: literature of dissent

Miloud Gharrafi speaks of the Arab migration novel which is concerned with questions of identity and the relationship with the Other, the Western man. It is completely in tune with the new forms of migration and its social and cultural representations.

Text of Miloud Gharaffi’s speech



Adnan Adil (ULB): Violence in the Iraqi novel since 2003

The poet Adnan Adil explores the different types of narrative in the Iraqi novel and sees the breadth of the phenomenon of violence and revenge.

Text of Adnan Adil’s speech


Olivia Elias (author and poet): Exile writing, resistance in practice

The poet Olivia Elias studies the link between the poetry of exile and engagement, the poetry of exile is an act of resistance insofar as it helps the lost country to exist and gathers the scattered community.

Text of Olivia Elias’s speech